Auto injury

Being injured in a car accident was not how you were planning to spend your time.  It is a physically and emotionally traumatic event in a person’s life.   The providers at the Center for Orthopedic and Lymphatic Physical Therapy (COLPT) have compassion and empathy for your acute injuries and fears of long term issues from the accident.  

Car accidents can cause all sorts of injures from fractures, lacerations, head injuries, and sprains and strains.  Research shows the best course of action is to move as much as possible within the limits of pain and to begin physical therapy as soon as possible for best recovery.  

We understand that each person is a unique individual, so we try to complete a thorough evaluation at the first visit, but we keep in mind that following a car accident some patients are too painful to do all the testing.   The therapists at COLPT will evaluate you at each visit as you make progress to insure we are assessing and treating all of your concerns.  

The therapists at COLPT offer a hands-on approach to improve soft tissue and joint mobility and reduce pain as well as evidence based exercises to improve function, endurance, strength and mobility.     We understand that during a car accident the entire body is affected not just one body part.  We focus on the whole person not just the injured body part to assist you in returning to your full life.  

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