Orthopedic Rehabilitation

All of the experienced and skilled physical therapists at the Center for Orthopedic and Lymphatic Physical Therapy(COLPT) can treat pre/post-surgical cases, but in reality, your plan of care is being collectively reviewed by the entire COLPT clinical staff and approved by your referring physician. 

X-Ray Results

Often with an injury to a joint, a physician will refer a patient to physical therapy for treatment prior to ordering any imaging (MRI, X-ray).   During our thorough examination on your first visit, often referred to as the "evaluation", your therapist will be able to determine which tissues are injured.  As skilled Physical Therapists, we can then determine if rehabilitation would be beneficial or if a referral to a surgeon would be more appropriate.  Post-Operative patients will have their initial evaluation scheduled within 3 business days of the surgeon’s stated rehab start date.


If you have had an orthopedic surgery, the therapists at COLPT are here to help you recover.   We only use evidence based pre/post-operative rehabilitation protocols to ensure the safety of the surgical repair and to get the patient moving and functional as quickly as possible.   We educate the patient in protection of their surgery site, appropriate range of motion and strengthening exercises and safe return to activities of daily living, sport, recreation and work duties. 


The therapists at COLPT offer a hands-on approach to improve soft tissue and joint mobility and reduce pain as well as evidence based exercises to improve function, endurance, strength and mobility.   We focus on the whole person not just the injured body part.  We understand that with injury, pain, and surgery the entire body is affected not just the injured body part.  


In rounds, our clinical care team will discuss each patients’ post-operative care. Things that are always discussed are number of weeks post op and current level of function as compared to the post operative protocol and progression with physical therapy.   The COLPT clinical team will problem solve any issues that come up during your therapy and communicate timely to your physician as to your progress with rehabilitation. 

List of most common surgeries

  • Total joint replacements (Knee, hip, shoulder, ankle)

  • Knee surgeries (ACL and other ligamentous reconstruction, meniscectomy and meniscal repairs, MPFL, quadricep, and patellar tendon)

  • Hip surgeries (Labral repair)

  • Shoulder surgeries (Rotator cuff repair, labral repair, capsular reconstruction

  • Ankle/foot surgeries (Achilles tendon and other tendon repairs, ankle fusion, bunionectomy)

  • Spinal surgeries (Fusion, laminectomy, discectomy)

  • Fracture repair surgeries

  • Arthroscopic surgeries (Impingement, decompression, debridement)

X-ray scan image of hip joints with orth